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Khemchand Jain Hospital & Research Center is one of the most trusted hospitals in the Sagar district of MP, serving the community for over three decades. Owned by the Shri Khemchand Jain Charitable Trust, the hospital was upgraded from a 30-bed to a 100-bed facility in 2023, providing best-in-class healthcare services at affordable rates. Khemchand Hospital offers multidisciplinary facilities including surgical and medical support, laboratory and pharmacy provisions, expert staff, and advanced equipment. We are dedicated to providing the best services that meet all patient needs and preferences. Experience excellent medical care at the best hospital in Sagar.

Key Facilities

Khemchand Hospital: Quality healthcare with 100 beds & modern facilities.

100 Bed Capacity

With a Spacious 100-bed facility, we provide comfortable treatment for patients, ensuring they receive the care they deserve.

Expert healthcare professionals at Khemchand Hospital in Sagar.

24x7 Emergency Services

Our facility offers immediate Medical Assistance round-the-clock,
ensuring timely care for urgent
health needs.

Khemchand Hospital's intensive ICU/SICU facilities

Intensive ICU/SICU

Equipped with Advanced Technology, our intensive care units offer specialized monitoring and treatment for critically ill patients.

critical care and ambulance services at Khemchand Hospital in Sagar.

Critical Care & Ambulance

Our specialized Critical Care and
efficient ambulance support
guarantee rapid response to emergencies.

operation theatre at Khemchand Hospital in Sagar

Ultra Modern OT

Our Ultra Modern Operation Theatre, equipped to provide a seamless journey from diagnosis to treatment and preventive care.

Khemchand Hospital excels in critical and general surgeries

Critical & General Surgeries

Our hospital performs both Critical and General Surgeries, ensuring a wide range of surgical interventions for various medical needs.

Comprehensive medical services at Khemchand Hospital in sagar

Medical Services

Equipped with Advanced Technology, our intensive care units offer specialized monitoring and treatment for critically ill patients.

State-of-the-art diagnostic services at Khemchand Hospital

Diagnostic Services

With Advanced Diagnostic Facilities, we offer accurate and timely diagnostic tests, aiding in the precise identification of medical conditions.

Convenient canteen and accommodation facilities at Khemchand Hospital

Canteen & Accommodation

Our on-site canteen provides
nourishing meals, and we offer accommodation facilities for
patient’s families.

Countless lives saved: Khemchand Hospital's dedication to excellence in healthcare.
1250 +


Highly skilled paramedic teams at Khemchand Hospital, ensuring rapid response and expert care.
3 +


Expert doctors at Khemchand Hospital in Sagar, providing compassionate care and exceptional medical expertise.
4 +


Recipient of prestigious medical awards, Khemchand Hospital is recognized for excellence in healthcare.
10 +


Key Services

At Khemchand Hospital, our special services include Compassionate Care, Advanced Medical Technologies, and a dedicated Team committed to your well-being.

Comprehensive general medicine services at Khemchand Hospital, ensuring holistic care for all patients.

General Medicine

Diagnose and treat a wide range of adult health problems, from common illnesses to chronic conditions.

Specialized obstetrics and gynecology services at Khemchand Hospital, ensuring compassionate care for women's health.

Obstetrics & Gynecology

Manages women's reproductive health, covering pregnancy, childbirth, and other gynecological conditions.

Specialized pediatric care at Khemchand Hospital in Sagar, ensuring the health and well-being of our youngest patients.


Specializes in providing healthcare for infants, children, and adolescents, focusing on their unique medical needs and growth.

Medical professionals examining patients with respiratory disease at Khemchand Hospital


Deals with lung and airway conditions such as asthma and pneumonia to improve breathing.

Khemchand Hospital's physiotherapy and rehab center offers personalized care, aiding in swift recovery and improved mobility.

Orthopedics & Joints Replacement

Addresses musculoskeletal issues and performs bone surgeries like hip and knee replacements.

Khemchand Hospital Sagar advanced critical surgery services provide cutting-edge treatment options for complex medical conditions.

Advance Surgery

Performs complex, life-saving procedures for emergency or serious medical conditions that require specialized surgical expertise.

Our Expert Team

Dr. Apoorv Loya - MBBS, MS, MCH (Plastic Surgeon)

Dr. Apoorv Loya

Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Ruby Reja - MBBS, FICOG (Obstetrics & Gynecologist)

Dr. Ruby Reja

Obstetrics & Gynecologist

Dr. Pushpendra Sengar - MBBS, MD (General Medicine)

Dr. Pushpendra Sengar

General Medicine

Dr. Sharad Kumar Sahu - MBBS, MS (Plastic Surgeon)

Dr. Sharad Kumar Sahu

General Surgeon

Dr. Ayush Chouhan - MBBS, MS (Orthopaedic Surgeon)

Dr. Ayush Chouhan

Orthopedic Surgeon

Dr. Sourabh Joshi - MBBS (Paediatrician)

Dr. Sourabh Joshi


Dr. Shivani Chadar

Medical Officer

Dr. Smriti Chaturvedi


Dr. Mahendra chauhan


Dr. Sachin Jain

General Physician

We are Here to Help You


Bada Bazaar, Keshav Ganj ward, Sagar, (M.P.), 470002

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